The changing personal page

I came across this post on Jeffrey Zeldman’s site talking about how people are outsourcing personal content to sites such as Flickr, Twitter, etc. Is the homemade personal site disappearing?

There definitely is motivation for this possibility. The rise of social applications has created a necessity to participate in order to maintain the level of connectivity. A somewhat relevant thought: how do you solve the issue of different applications for the same purpose, e.g., twitter and Jaiku? If you have friends using both platforms, do you maintain two sets of posts?

I found this topic relevant because I was in the process of designing a personal tumblelog. However, amidst doing so, I realized that I wanted to incorporate my tweets and bookmarks, and there was little content to post that was not in a external platform. The design became more or less a social web aggregator periodically retrieving content from external sites and processing it as its own.

The personal site with original content, however, will never vanish but the necessity and desirability will lessen considerably.

One thing we will see is the rise of social web aggregators and personal sites will reflect that. There are applications such as that are headed in this direction. The social web has spewed personal content all over the internet, which needs to be brought together again. People will realize the need for a personal homepage, the one URL that friends visit to see one’s updates. For the non-techie, a Facebook or FriendFeed profile may suffice but for others, a personally customized homepage is essential to maintain a sense of personality, something arguably weakened by social platforms.


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